Cranial considerations

Hair, for some reason, I've been giving it a lot of thought lately. It's not what you think. I've been wondering just how fast our capital plush grows. More specific if it grows with the same speed in every person. This might seem trivial, but the outcome of that question has rather serious consequences.

What bothers me is the fact that I cannot come up with any good biological reason to why there should be large differences in capital filament extension rate between human beings. Sure there will be differences & exceptions, but hairgrowthrate will most probably be normally distributed in our population due to the complexity of the metabolic processes involved. That means that the cranial decoration of all people will elongate with at roughly the same speed.

Absolute speed that is.

And that particular detail has caused sparks in my grey matter. For it means that short people will have to pay the hairdresser a visit more frequently as their relative change in coiffure is a lot faster than that of taller people. eg. the hair of a dwarf will reach it's ancles much faster than that of a giant if it grows at the same speed.

Unless small persons have a really slow metabolism of course, but I think we can rule that one out.

Anyway this means that you have the best chances of seeing really small people when having your haircut adjusted by a professional, and that small people will have to spend a significantly larger amount of their budget on hair care. Are there any small people out there who can confirm this? I think I've got some material for a publication in Science here.

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