Not quite the average bedtime story

One day, now many a month ago, somebody pointed out to that I should produce literature or at least try to write a short story to make better use of the eclectic phrases I tend to produce.

Guess what, I actually did it.

After months of incubating and fermenting weird ideas and crazed plotlines I have smeared the resulting poisonously insane ooze out over a number of pages. Unfortunately for all you international readers the story is in Dutch (well after all it is my mother tongue) and I wouldn't recommend trying to put it through one of the many online translation tools.

I have chosen for a modern day remix of a classic tale, not safe for the fragile of mind though. Anyway, sit back, relax, lock op yer children and read ahead: use the clicky power

As for comments & reactions: I bet you all know how to behave

3 reacties:

Joachim zei

Tron, How to disagree, Uncle Dirty -> heb jij een metafilter account ?
Ik heb je blog alvast toegevoegd en leg je schrijfsel vanvond bij het toilet; aan de lengte te zien zal ik vandaag flink moeten eten en me aardig inhouden.

Shi Meng zei

super ! nu nog de prentjes :)

Fenna zei

Hoi Toon, een wat late reactie: heb genoten van je verhaal, maar voornamelijk omdat ik je ken.